Update daily USD to EUR exchange rate in PHP using openexchangerates.org

The process, loops for the last days and call the API of openexchangerates.org, storing in the database the daily conversion from USD to EUR.


$exchanges=new exchanges();
$days = array();
for($i = 1; $i < 10; $i++)
  $days[] = date("Y-m-d", strtotime('-'. $i .' days'));
foreach ($days as $day)
  $json = file_get_contents('http://openexchangerates.org/api/historical/'.$day.'.json?app_id=YOURAPIID');
  $data = json_decode($json, TRUE);
 if ($exchanges->exists($day))
   $ret=$exchanges->update($day, $conversion);
   $ret=$exchanges->insert($day, $conversion);
  echo($day.' '.$conversion.' '.$ret).SEP;



Promociones en Facebook

Hoy os presento promociones-en-facebook.com donde podreis estar al dia de las promociones y concursos que se crean en Facebook.

¡Estad atentos a los chollos!


Increíble como se adapta EasyPromos al móvil

Aquí podemos ver una promoción de ejemplo en un PC y en un dispositivo móvil sólo usando las opciones de personalización incluidas en la propia promoción de Easypromos Basic.

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Más información sobre la configuración de Easypromos Basic adaptada al timeline

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Disfesses carnestoltes 2012

Sobretot per provar el Pinterest, aqui estan els meus nens!



From startup to company

If you create a sartup there are two ways to succesfully turn it into a company.

1) Glamourus way
2) Hard work and traditional way

The firt way seems, from the tech media point of view, the only way.

Create a startup, setup a pre-launch, create as much hype as posible, start with a crippled website offering a simple service or product and go to all networking events, shows, etc.

Focus on communication and hype. Your target: get investors in to generate more and more hype to finally try to get a good exit.

The second way is more traditional. Start with your own devices, create a solid product or service, focus on improving your product, treat every customer as she or he is the only one, include its feedback in your product, iterate, even weekly!

The second way must keep a low media profile, just for a question of time and focus.

In this second model your main target is to generate cash day after day, create word of mouth thanks to your first customers sattisfaction and reach break even as soon as possible. In this point is important to improve, not only the product, the administrative process and customer care procedures (invoicing systems, email templates, etc.)

In Easypromos we are really fans of this second model, the ant way. Wakeup early and DO things, not only sell smoke to possible investors (what is too a very boring and frustrating process)

There are lots of succesful companies following that model without receiving enough media coverage, we mirror for example in github, you an read this interview for most info.

If we wake up early, really early. We're unstoppable! - Pep Guardiola, Barça's Coach (video)


Post resum 2011

Gadgets of the year (comprats o regalats):
Tefal Actifry (fail)

Samarretes del any:
Live long and prosper
Captain America
Iron Man

Friky coses guays:
Corona Framework
Aloha html5 in-line editing

Grups guays que he descobert aquest any:
Cage the Elephant
Noah and the wale
Foster the people
Ben Howard

Millors concerts als que he anat:
Belle and Sebastian
The Pains of being pure at heart
Sr. Chinarro

Millors pelis que he vist:
Bienvenido a Zombieland
Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte 1
La vida privada de Pippa Lee
La red social
Iron man 2
An Education
El diario de los muertos
Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte 2
El discurso del rey
Tron Legacy

The lost thing

Llibres que he llegit i m'han agradat:
L'home intranquil, Kiko Amat
QuiÈn decide lo que comemos, Felicity Lawrence
Viaje de invierno, Amelie Nothomb
Una semana en el motor de un autobus, Nando Cruz
Soy un padre friki, Ken Denmead
Pigmeo, Chuck Palahniuk
La tercera revolucion industrial, Jeremy Rifkin
Esta todo por hacer, Pau Garcia-Mila

Arrugas, Paco Roca
El juego lugubre, Paco Roca
Hijos de la Alambra, Paco Roca
El joven Lovecraft 2 i 3, Oliver i Torres
Planetary, Ellis, Cassaday
Dublines, Alfonso Zapico
Notas al pie de Gaza, Joe Sacco
Memorias de un hombre en pijama, Paco Roca
Cronicas de Jerusalem, Guy de Lisle

Series a les que m'he enganxat (per ordre d'adiccio):
Boardwalk empire s1 i s2
Juego de tronos
Walking dead s2
Downtown Abbey
Fringe s3
Parenthood s2

Inside Job

Sortides al Extranjer:

Millors Hotels als que he anat:

Millors restaurants:
Els Pescadors
Memorias de china