The end of the double-enter ?

Some years ago, 3 to 4 years, firefox start prompting for "Do you want Firefox to remember this password" (I think it was from FF 1.5 but not really sure)

From then the anoying "remember this password" popup has driven us to what I call "The double-enter syndrome", when you enter some login credentials in any site, you usually tend to hit double-enter to, first, submit the form, and then take the default action of the remember-this-password popup.

No need to say that Internet Explorer 7 follows the new trend and makes you choice with a popup if you want to store or not the password, good for them, don't innovate, copy-it.

I think it's one of the worst ideas that Firefox have introduced in the browsers standards, do you remember the double-click ?

Now we have double-enter :)

But Firefox 3 comes to the rescue, the new popup is not a modal window, is more like an option that remains below the browser toolbar (maybe it has to disappear after a while for security reasons ?). It's a lot better than the modal dialog and avoids the double-enter syndrome, oh yeah !

We're all waiting to switch to the new FF3 for the memory leaks issues, but the change in the double-enter behaviour will be one more good reason to change.

IE8 will follow this FF change ?

PS: There're options to change the double-enter default behaviour in FF2 and IE7, but the 90% of the people don't change the options of the browser and that's one of the greatness of the web (and usually the worst nigthmare of the web developer community)

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