Why Google is hiring too many people ?

The answer is simple, since Google IPO, the company started to hire lots and lots of people (engineers basically) to fire them in case of a fall in their shares.

If you have only 2.000 employees or less (pre-IPO time) you cannot reduce your workforce significantly enough to raise your shares price in case of necessity.

Now Google have more than 20.000 employees (ten times more) and my theory is that a lot of them are not doing serious contribution to the company products and services.

Based only on my experience, the [human] customer care of google is as poor as allways has been in the past, try to make a question not found in a FAQ or ask for a index reinclusion and you will feel the nigthmare of talking to real human Googler's.

Let's see if the share's price drop, and then, how many Googler's will return to dull jobs via pink slip ?


Don't missunderstandme, I'm a huge fan of the google tools and services, the automatic ones and this post is based on my personal opinion only.

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