How to beat Desktop Tower Defense

Since last week I've been highly addicted to "Desktop Tower Defense", the start of the addiction was the post Desktop Tower Defense Considered Harmful of Jeremy Zawodny (good reference to 95's paper of Dijkstra Go To Statement Considered Harmful).

Anyway, I've been three or so days really obsessed, one day without sleep (literally).

I've decided to take my usual approach to addictive games... Finish them !!!

In the image you can see the powerful towers in the center of the battle field, thats the main trick to finish the game (click the image to make it bigger)

Until my discovery of the power of the last level of upgrade of the Squid Tower and the Pellet Tower the levels above 40 in the normal mode were like hell, but then I've discovered the Snipper Tower and the Thypoon Tower and seen the ligth.

My 5 tricks to finish "Desktop Tower Defense" this game are the following:

1. Create a maze-like structures with Pellet Towers (the cheapest ones)
2. It's better to upgrade only the central Towers (they have long range and can reach the start easily)
3. Save all your money to upgrade the central Towers
4. Sell some level 1 Pellet Towers to put Squirt Towers and take them to the final upgrade Thypoon Towers (they are better for the flying creeps
5. Use the "U" key to build upgrades on the selected tower, it's really better than going to and from the upgrade button all the time.

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